Tips For Potty Training

Simple Tips for Potty Training Puppies

tips for potty trainingPotty training your puppies can be quite a challenge, especially if you haven't ever done it before! However, with these simple tips for potty training puppies, you'll be able to do it, no matter what breed you have. The first puppy you do it with will be the most challenging, but every other dog after will be much easier.

Now, on to the tips!

1. Don't rush things. Puppy potty training can take weeks to accomplish, and if you don't keep up with it you will only set things back and make it take longer. You have to commit to sticking with the house training process.

2. Only use pee pads, dog litterboxes, and doggie toilets if you absolutely must (Those that work full time and don't have anyone to stay at home with the puppy fall into this category). Pee pads and other dog supplies are good for teaching your puppy not to go in the house, but they're not as effective as working directly with your pup.

3. Use your puppy's crate to your advantage. They will not potty where they sleep as their instincts drive them to keep the area clean. If you don't have a crate for them, then set up a tiny area for them to relax in.

4. DON'T let your puppy just roam around the house. When you don't supervise them, accidents happen. Plus, it is confusing to them when you let them run anywhere and expect them to hold their pee and poop in. Keep an eye on them!

5. Remember, your puppy can only hold it in for a short time! If you are not giving them a chance to potty every hour or so, then accidents are going to happen! As your puppy gets older they will be able to hold it in for a lot longer, so you have that to look forward to. Just be patient with them when they are still young!

6. When you do take your puppy out to the designated potty area and they eliminate, praise them and give them a treat! The more positive reinforcement that you can give them the better.

7. Only correct your puppy for going potty in the house if you catch them doing it! If you don't catch them in the act, you can't scold them! The same goes for anything that they do wrong. In order to help them learn that certain things are acceptable and some things are not, you have to praise them the instant they do something right and reprimand them the instant they do something wrong.

8. Be very patient! Your little puppy is just a baby! They don't know what is expected of them right off the bat. They have to learn these things and they need you to guide them. If you are not patient with them, you will teach them to be unconfident dogs that get afraid very easily. Dogs that live in fear can turn out to be very dangerous.

9. Make sure that everyone in the house reinforces the house training. Share these tips for potty training with them so they can all help the puppy to quickly undestand what is expected of them. If some people in your house are not commited, your puppy will just be confused and do what feels natural to them.

10. Never hit your puppy for making a mistake. Punishing a dog for pottying will confuse them and make them feel guilty for just doing what their body needs. Calmly correct them if you catch them in the act, and if you don't, try to do a better job of supervising them the next time.

If you follow these tips for potty training you'll be able to help your little friend learn where they can potty and where they should not in no time! Don't get discouraged or frustrated, and stick with it. Eventually, you will be able to leave them home alone for the entire day and you won't have to worry about a thing!


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