Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor - The Creator of Clicker Training

Karen Pryor is the one credited with clicker training, which is why you have probably heard so much about her! She is a leading teacher and spokeswoman for training that is force free and effective. She first became famous when she started working with dolphins nearly 50 years ago.

During that time Karen has helped educate professional trainers, pet owners, and scientists on classical and operant conditioning. Because of this, she has been able to help enrich the lives of caretakers in oceanariums and zoos as well as their animals because of her force free methods.

Karen has written many books, her most famous being, "Don't Shoot the Dog!" It's all about how to teach your dog obedience with only positive reinforcement. Her other books include information about hwo you can really bring out your animal's intelligence, creativity, and personality. It's an excellent read if you want to be able to reach your dog in a way you have never been able to before.

Karen is still very active in the dog training community, including beig the head of the Karen Pryor Academy. It's an excellent community designed for people that want to really take their dog obedience training to the next level. It is made up of several courses online, so you can do it at your own pace on your own time.

At the Karen Pryor Academy you will also be able to get a hands on training session with a faculty member that you choose in four weekend workshops. This is pretty invaluable for people that feel really frustrated and are not seeing any results. The professional dog trainers will be able to help you learn what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.

The Karen Pryor Academy also strives to help those that want to become professional trainers. Not only will you be skilled at teaching your own dogs obedience through a variety of methods, including clicker training and whispering, you wil be able to make money doing it for others.

Both Karen Pryor and her academy are based out of Massachusetts, but there are different locations across the United States and Canada where you can take classes and get the training you need to better train you dogs.


Special Note: DogTrainingAvenue.com doesn't have any affiliation with Karen Pryor or the Karen Pryor Academy. This is merely information for those that want to know a little about her.


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