How To Train A Puppy

How To Train a Puppy in 5 Easy Steps

how to train a puppyAre you wondering how to train a puppy? It can be pretty confusing because there is so much to do and the little pups are so energetic! If you are not quite sure where you should start with your puppy training, then you will find this guide to be helpful. It outlines the order that you should start working on obedience with them so you can grow them into a perfectly obedient and happy dog!

How to Train a Puppy - Step 1: House Training

The first thing you want to start working on is house training your puppy. If you are planning on keeping them outside then you can skip this step. However, if you get your dog when they are really young, you might need to keep them inside until they are older. In that case, you will want to make sure that they are only allowed to potty outside.

The main trick with potty training your puppy is to keep them supervised at all times and take them outside to your designated spot every hour or so (they can't hold it much longer than that). They will quickly start to associate the potty with the spot outside that you designated for them. If you don't keep them constantly supervised, they will do their business inside and you'll have a much more difficult time with the process.

For those that are not able to consantly supervise their puppies because they are away at work, there are a couple of options. First, you need to set up a clean area for them when you will be gone. A bathroom works well for this. Give them some nice blankets and a pillow so they can sleep and give them their food and water. This is where your options come in. You can either choose pee pads, a dog litterbox, or an indoor potty. Place these far away from where your puppy will sleep and they will know to use them.

That is not all you need to do though. When you have time to supervise your puppy, teach them how to potty outside. When they potty outside in the exact area you designated, give them a lot of praise and reward them with treats. This way, they will only associate where they can potty with their spot outside and with the pee pads, litterbox, or indoor potty (whichever you chose). As long as you never give them a chance to potty in the house, your house training will go smoothly!

How to Train a Puppy - Step 2: Crate Training

While you are potty training your puppy, you will want to start crate training them. The crate (or kennel) is a beautiful thing for both you and your little pup. They will come to see it is a haven where they can relax, get sleep, and feel secure, and you will see it as a place to keep them at night, when you travel, or when you have people over.

You need to make sure that you don't use your crate as a way to punish your puppy for doing something wrong. If you do, they will dread it and you will really confuse them! You need to show your puppy what an excellent spot it is by putting treats and toys in it. They will eventually associate it with being happy, and they will feel like they discovered it on their own!

Our dogs need to have a place that they can call their own. By teaching them to enjoy their crate, you will be giving them that!

How to Train a Puppy - Step 3: Behavior and Socialization Training

Shortly after you start house training your puppy and crate training them, you will want to socialize them with other animals and people. The earlier you start, the better results you will see. If you do this properly, any breed can become a loving, gentle companion that you will never have to worry about.

You will also want to try to concentrate on other behavior issues that your puppy might start to develop. This includes things like jumping, biting, chewing on things, digging, barking and separation anxiety. By showing our puppies early on that those are not appropriate things to do, we can eliminate the behavior before it becomes a problem. It is much harder to try to correct problem behavior once a puppy has been doing it for a long time with no problems!

How to Train a Puppy - Step 4: Obedience Training

Once your puppy is starting to understand what is expected of him or her, you will be able to start teaching obedience training. This includes things like showing them how to walk on a leash so you can take them out on walks on give them the exercise they need. It also invovles teaching them how to do things like sit, stay, and leave it.

If you don't first show your puppy how to act before attemptimg obedience training, it will be a lot more challenging. Your puppy won't be looking at you like their leader, and you won't be able to fully communicate with them.

When it comes to walking on a leash, your main goal is to show your puppy that they cannot pull. If they do, you have to stop walking. They will quickly learn that they can't go anywhere if they are pulling you.

How to Train a Puppy - Step 5: Be Consistent!

This important step to training a puppy is one that you should never forget - always be consistent! The more consistent you are, the better your dog will be able to understand you. They will never be confused or afraid, and that will make them happy and confident. If you want the whole training process to go smoothly, be persistent and consistent!

That's the easy guide to training a puppy. If you bring a puppy up this way, they will quickly grow into quite a dog. They will be the kind of dog that all people want to see and be around because they'll be so calm and easy going. You will be in perfect control of them at all times, and you will have a very special and close bond. It's worth the effort, believe me!


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