How To Become A Dog Whisperer

How to Become a Dog Whisperer - "Speak" to Your Dogs

how to become a dog whispererAnyone that sees someone with a lot of control over dogs likely wonders if they can get to that level. Fortunately, learning how to become a dog whisperer is possible for anyone. Some seem to be naturals at it but don't let that discourage you. Put in the effort and time, and you'll be able to communicate with your dog in an amazing way.

The key to learning how to become a dog whisperer is understanding that you have to listen to your dog and communicate with them the way other dogs do. The sooner you realize that dogs cannot read your mind or understand English the better off you'll be. Also, you need to pay close attention to what your dog is doing at all times. If you respond to them based on how they are feeling, you will feel a pretty amazing connection with them.

How to Become a Dog Whisperer:

1. Recognize the mood that your dog is in. If your dog raises their rear end in the air with their tail wagging and shakes their paw at you, they want to play. If your dog is standing tall with their head straight out and a leg raised, they are alert. When their ears go back and the hair on their bodies stands up, they are aggressive.

If your dog's tail is between his or her legs, it means they are afraid. You don't want your dog to be afraid of you because that hurts their confidence. Besides, animals that are fearful are not safe because they might act unpredictably and try to defend themselves.

When your dog lies down and possibly rolls over, this is a sign of submission. It's very good when your dog is comfortable enough around you to lie down in a submissive manner. This shows that they see you as a leader and want to be obedient to you.

2. Only give your dog attention when they deserve it. One of the main ways that people fail to communicate properly with dogs is by giving them attention when they do something wrong. Say for example, that your dog jumps up on you every time you go outside. If you tell them repeatedly to get down or try to physically hold them down, you are not showing them that what they are doing is wrong. Instead, you are showing them that if they want to get your attention, they just need to jump up at you.

The same thing is true for things like barking and chewing on things and all other problem behaviors. A dog whisperer understands that when a dog is doing something they shouldn't be doing they cannot get attention. Dogs only get attention when they act appropriately, and this quickly teaches them what is expected of them.

By training a dog this way, you will be able to get through to them in a very clear way and you'll be able to boost their confidence a great deal. They will feel like they know exactly what you expect of them, and they will not have any fearful fealings.

3. Be patient and consistent. Being consistent is necessary for any dog whisperer. If you are not consistent with your dog, then they will not understand what you want and you won't get through to them. Being patient and consistent is as important for establishing good behavior as it is for correcting problem behavior.

If you have a designated spot for your dog to be on when they are in your house but you allow them to leave it part of the time, they will never fully understand where they are allowed to be and where they are not. Though it can be tempting to be flexible and lenient sometimes, it's better for your dog if you make it perfectly clear what you want of them.

When you're trying to teach your dog how to come when you call them, you need to require them to come each time. If you allow them to come when they feel like it, the command will be very weak. You'll never be able to use it when your dog is distracted or in a potentially dangerous situation.

4. Never use violent training techniques. A dog whisperer only uses positive reinforcement to teach dogs what they should and shouldn't do. Violent training techniques cut down on a dog's confidence and make them insecure and fearful. By using positive reinforcement, you'll be able to truly cultivate a special bond with your dog and raise them to be happy and confident.  

So if you want to learn how to be a dog whisperer, do what the best do. You'll be able to quickly teach your dog obedience while helping them to grow into an amazing animal that is full of confidence and love. The best part is that they will see you as the leader of the pack and will be the most loyal companion you could ask for.

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