Dog Diarrhea

Dog Diarrhea - Causes and Treatments

dog diarrheaIt's actually normal to have to deal with dog diarrhea every now and again. It happens to just about every dog and shouldn't last more than a few days. There is really only a problem when the problem lasts for a longer time because this means there could be trouble with the bowels.

There are two main dog diarrhea types to watch out for, acute and chronic. The acute type is normal, and only continues for a short time. When there is blood, mucus, or extra water present, you're dealing with the more serious chronic diarrhea.

The good news is that there are certain causes and treatments for both types of diarrhea in dogs.

Acute Dog Diarrhea

The acute diarrhea problem is common if your dog is stressed about something. This stress could be a result of quite a few things, like not spending enough time with them or moving homes or doing a lot of yardwork. It might be something very big or very small, but if it causes your dog to go through stress they might lose control of their bowels.

Think carefully about how you might have acted differently towards your dog in the last couple of days. If they have experienced any changes, then you just need to help them feel at ease. If you have been busier lately and haven't had time to spend with your dog, make it a priority to slowly transition them to your new schedule. Get them used to seeing a little bit less of you and spend time with them whenever you can.

Another sign that your dog might have diarrhea is if they are pulling their rear along the ground. Dogs do this when their stools aren't hard enough. If you recently switched the food you were giving your dog or gave them a strange treat, that could lead to acute diarrhea as well. Just like with humans, eating something foreign can do weird things with the body of the dog.

If the problem isn't going away on its own, you could try feeding your dog some boiled chicken. Don't add oil, but put in some squash for the extra fiber. This is good for your dog's bowels because it's bland and nutritious.

If you're not able to help get rid of your dog's diarrhea problem, you should pay your vet a visit. They'll more than likely prescribe a medication that can help relieve the problem while killing any harmful bacteria at the same time.

Chronic Dog Diarrhea

You need to recognize chronic diarrhea as soon as possible because it's very harmful for the overall health of your dog. Constantly dealing with diarrhea will dehydrate your dog and make them lose necessary vitamins and nutrients. Your dog will continue to get more and more lethargic the longer that they deal with it.

Of course, those aren't the only problems that could be associated with this type of dog diarrhea. Your dog could be dealing with parasites in their intestines, whether from drinking water or from being infected by fleas. Thankfully, vets have medications that can solve these problems rather quickly, which is why it's such a good idea to just see them as soon as possible.

If you notice that there is blood near or around the diarrhea that could be an inflammation of the colon. This is known as Colitis, and must be treated by a vet. They'll also be able to determine whether your dog is dealing with a kidney or liver disease.

Remember, the longer that you wait to go see the vet, the worse the problem can get!

A lot of the time people will wait as long as they possibly can to get help because they hope the dog diarrhea will go away on its own. However, you shouldn't delay for more than a couple of days! Don't make the mistake of hoping your dog will start feeling better when they need actual medication. There are no home remedies or treatments for chronic diarrhea or liver and kidney problems!

Treatments and Prevention of Dog Diarrhea

If you want to do everything you can to prevent dog diarrhea, you should make sure to carefully monitor your dog's diet. Invest in quality brands like Pedigree or Iams that have a balanced amount of protein and fiber, along with all the vitamins and nutrients they need. You can also make your own food, but it's easy to make mistakes that way.

While making sure to give your dog a healthy diet, remember to not let them get stressed out by suddenly spending less time with them or not walking them any more. If you continue to walk them every day and give them the attention that they crave, they'll be much healthier overall.


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