The Dog Whisperer

The Dog Whisperer and What You Can Learn

If you are looking for a good trainer to model your teaching after, the Dog Whisperer is a good choice. Now, there is not just ONE Dog Whisperer, mind you, but one of the most popular is Cesar Millan. He's so popular that he has his own show called, "The Dog Whisperer."

The show is pretty interesting and you can a learn a lot from watching it. Basically, Cesar goes to different houses that have dogs who behave distructively. They can have problems ranging from constant barking to being dangerous to strangers to being totally defiant. All the types of problems you would expect from dogs that have not be taught what is appropriate and what isn't.

When you watch Cesar, you will see how he communicates with dogs. This is what dog whispering really is. It means that you listen to dogs and understand what they want. Since they can't communicate verbally, they do so in other ways. The more you practice obedience training with dogs, the better you will get at picking up these subtle nuances.

Does Cesar Milan have any special powers or gifts?

While Cesar Milan is definitely very skilled at the art of dog whispering, he really isn't any different than you or me. You can get to where he is by training your puppies and dogs and being consistent with them. You can get to that point by listening to the needs of your dogs and making sure they are constantly happy.

You will come to see that when you start communicating better with your dog, your bond and relationship will drastically improve. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan is able to accomplish this kind of bond making in a very short time period, which is why it seems so impressive when he reaches a dog whose owners were unable to. One thing you will notice is that he never uses violence or intimidation to scare dogs into doing things.

That's one of the best things to take away from the Dog Whisperer!

You'll see much better results when you motivate your dog and make training sessions fun. They will look forward to obedience training and they'll feel confident in their abilities. That will allow them to really concentrate and do what you're asking of them. The best part is that you will be showing them what good behavior is while at the same time avoiding destructive habits from forming. You'll never need Cesar Milan to come straighten out our dog!

So who is the dog whisperer? You are!

There are plenty of dog shows popping up on television networks each day. This is because people really want to know how to raise a well behaved pet that they can proudly show off to their friends and family. It can be really helpful to watch those shows because you'll see what works and what doesn't.

One thing you'll note is that just about all professional trainers look down on violence and negative training. They believe in positive, reward based training because it builds up your dog while teaching them right and wrong. The violent approach slowly breaks them down as they struggle to understand what you want of them. Never stoop to those methods and you'll always have a wonderful relationship with your dog. That's the real goal, isn't it?


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