Puppy Leash Training

Puppy Leash Training - Teach Your Dog How to Walk

puppy leash trainingPuppy leash training is a very simple thing to do. People tend to make it much harder than it actually is because they try to fight with their little dog rather than just showing them what they have to do. If you start leash training puppies right from the start, you'll never have to worry about correcting their behavior later on.

Don't Fight with Your Puppies - Work with Them!

Your puppy wants to follow you wherever you go. You've probably already found that to be true! You can use this to show them the proper way to walk on a leash, and it means you should start leash training as early as possible!

The first thing you need to do though, is make sure that your puppy is comfortable with the leash. Hold it up to them and let them sniff it and even bite at it if they have to. They're just getting a good feel for it.

Once your pup loses interest in the leash, it's a perfect opportunity for you to snap it onto their collar. They might flinch, but that is ok. The first thing you need to do is start walking. Your puppy should follow you, and if they do you should praise them and give them a treat. You want them to associate following you while leashed as a very favorable thing to do!

If your puppy starts to try to do their own thing (and they will, eventually) you need to avoid yanking them. Never yank them hard because you could hurt their neck. You don't want them to be scared to walk on a leash!

When your puppy tries to go their own way, stop walking!

You need to show your little pup right from the start that they won't get anywhere if they try pulling you. This will might make the first couple of walks you go on a little annoying because you won't get far, but it will pay off in spades in the long run! You don't even need to scold your puppy. They will get the message when you refuse to keep walking.

Remember, when your puppy walks alongside you with a loose leash, praise them and pet them and make them feel awesome! You can even give them a treat ever so often.

Here are some more puppy leash training tips:
Puppy leash training is necessary to do. Dogs need to go on walks and get their exercise every day. If you take your dog on a walk each day, they'll be much happier and well behaved. It will help them to stay in shape, and it's good for their overall health. Try to start as soon as you can and practice often and you'll be playing a big role in your dog's long life.


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