Natural Dog Food

Is Natural Dog Food the Way to Go?

natural dog foodMost dog owners will go out and by the natural dog food. This is the commercial type that is sold in most stores. Who wouldn't want to get this type? It is very affordable and it's so convenient to buy when you are picking up other items.

Is it good for our dogs though?

Natural dog food can be dry or canned, and it is now made by brands like Science, Natural Balance, Wellness, Blue, Iams, Innova, and Pedigree. In the past, the food that manufacturers developed and sold in stores was not good. Not only was it misleading how they marketed it, but it was not great for the health of our dogs.

That is the main problem.

You would be in the store looking for natural dog food and have many options. Some of them would be good, but some would be terrible for your dog's health. The reason that they would be so bad is because they didn't have the right vitamins to actually nourish our dogs and they would even have fillers that could be toxic.

Some of these unhealthy types of natural dog food are still around today, but they are in the minority. If you have any doubt, you should take a look for yourself. You want to avoid things like pesticides, preservatives like Ethoxyquin and BHA, waste products, and other toxins. By-products are also to be avoided because they are terrible for the health of our dogs.

With that in mind, you have to realize the fact that not all types of natural dog food are bad. The big name companies that I mentioned earlier, including Iams, Wellness, and Pedigree, actually care about the health of our dogs. There are plenty of reports online where people try to tell you "secrets" about finding the right type of food but you don't have to buy that kind of stuff.

Just use your head and you'll be able to find the right stuff.

For the most part, the types that you can buy at stores that are quite a bit less expensive than the other types of natural dog food are the ones to avoid. Remember, paying a little bit extra for food that will make your dog healthy and able to live a long life is worth it, isn't it?

You'll see the difference when you pick the right natural dog food.

If you try to save a lot of money and go with the cheapest off brand commercial stuff that you can find then you will notice it affect your dog. Their fur will not be as shiny and they won't have quite as much energy as they should. It really makes that much of a difference. The sad part is that your dog probably won't live quite as long as they could, either.

On the other hand, if you give your dog the natural dog food from companies like Iams or Wellness then you'll see how happy and energetic it will make them. They'll have shiny coats and you will be adding years to their lives. I think that spending a couple extra dollars is worth that, don't you?

Natural dog treats are in the same boat. Don't get the ones from off brands that are so cheap they're practically free. A good rule of thumb is to get them from the same company that you buy your food from. It doesn't really matter whether you get the freeze dried or baked types.
 Here are some last minute tips for choosing the right natural dog food:
If you can follow these simple rules you will be fine and you will keep your dog healthy and happy for their long life.


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