Dog Whisperer Tips

Easy to Follow Dog Whisperer Tips

dog whisperer tipsThese dog whisperer tips are important to learn and understand whether you have a dog now or you plan on getting one in the future. Once you ingrain these things into your mind, you will never forget them!

That's exactly how you become an expert dog whisperer!

The beauty of these dog whisperer tips is the fact that they are true for just about any breed. Even more amazing is that they don't change even if you are dealing with a very young puppy or an old and cranky dog. If you learn that now, everything will be much easier for you.

Dog Whisperer Tips

1. A good dog whisperer understands that dogs do not communicate the same way as people. If you ever want to get through to your dog, stop looking at them as though there were a human. They are a dog, and you have to approach them that way.

2. Be a leader to your dog. If you allow your dog to run your life, then you will never have control of them or be able to teach them obedience. Set clear boundaries and rules and hold your dog to them every time. If you don't stick to them, you can't expect your dog to obey you!

3. Never use violent punishments! Your dog might make you furious sometimes, especially if they chew up a pair of the most expensive furniture in the home or your nicest shoes, but they did not do it to make you angry. Using violent punishments will only cause your dog to fear you, and a dog that is fearful is a dangerous dog.

4. Be consistent - all the time! If you tell your dog to stay off the couch sometimes but other times you let them climb onto the couch, do you see why that would be confusing? Not being consistent is one of the main reasons why dogs are not obedient. They simply don't know what is expected of them because you haven't made it clear enough. Never allow them to do something that you won't always approve of.

5. Listen to your dog. Did you know that your dog tries to communicate with you the best they can? They will try to share their mood with you through their posture, their tail, and the position of their ears. If you listen to these things, you'll really build your bond with your dog. If you don't listen, you will start to feel distant from your pup.

6. Give your dog ample exercise. Dogs need to go one walks each day. Ideally, you should give them two 30 minute walks a day. That is a lot for most people, so one will work. Just keep in mind that if dogs don't exercise, they have a higher chance of getting overweight and they'll have a lot of pent up energy. This might lead to destructive behavior like digging holes in the ground and chewing on things.

7. Train your dog daily. When you first get a puppy, you need to work with them to build good habits and avoid learning problem behaviors. As they get older, you need to teach them obedience commands like sit, stay, and lie down. From there, you can work with them to learn on tricks. Doing this gives your dog a sense of duty and fulfills them.

8. Make sure that training is broken up into short and fun sessions. If you keep the training short and sweet, your dog will enjoy it more, look forward to it, and perform better during it! You'll also be able to enjoy it a lot more to, so it's better for both of you.

9. Don't use treats every time you are practicing a command or a trick. Mix it up a little bit. Your dog will not be bothered by that, and it will help to prevent them from thinking that they only have to do things when there is food involved.

10. Practice obedience commands until they are mastered, then move onto the next ones. A good dog whisperer teaches a dog to sit, stay, wait, and lie down no matter what else is going on. These commands will keep your dog safe in dangerous situations and they will also protect others.

11. Dog grooming is necessary, regardless of the breed. Making sure your dog is healthy is crucial to their happiness, and by keeping them clean and well groomed, you will be able to make sure their skin and fur is healthy. You will also be able to catch any problems before they get out of hand.

Hopefully you'll find these dog whisperer tips to be useful! They are among the most important things you need to remember if you want to become an expert at dog whispering. If you know these things, you will be able to train any dog you want, and you'll have fun doing it!


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