Dog Walking Harnesses

Should You Use Dog Walking Harnesses?

dog walking harnessesIf you are someone that has a lot of trouble getting your dog not to pull on the leash when you walk them, then you might want to consider checking out dog walking harnesses. They are pretty simple and just attach around your dogs chest so they won't choke themselves when you walk with them.

One misconception people have about dog walking harnesses is that they make it easier for your dog to pull, rather than teaching them how to walk properly. It's true that they don't automatically teach your dog to walk with a loose leash. However, it's not true that they make it easier for your dog to pull you. They actually make it harder because they wrap around the legs and make it difficult to get traction.

So the two main benefits of dog walking harnesses are that they make it impossible for your dog to choke themselves like they would with a normal collar and they make it much harder for them to pull.

Ideally, you want to teach your dog how to properly walk on a loose leash.

It will be better for both you and your dog if you can show them how to walk alongside you without any pulling on the leash. However, when you are dealing with older dogs that have never been trained or very strong dogs, harnesses are a great solution.

There are a few different styles of dog walking harnesses that you can choose from. You can go with the classic leather types. They're usually a bit more expensive than the adjustable nylon types that you can get at stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or Petco. The cheap types are usually available for around $8.99 to $25, depending on the size of your dog.

Another type of harness that is really popular with smaller dogs is the neoprene Comfort Control type. These look more like vests than harnesses and are usually available in an assortment of colors like orange, black, red, blue, and purple. Four Paws Pet Products designs these types, and they have also started making them for medium sized dogs that weigh as much as 40 pounds. Coastal Pet Products has a similar design for small and toy breeds. Rather than neoprene though, the material is a soft mesh.

For the really strong dogs that are really challenging to train to walk on a loose leash, like a Beagle, for example, a non-pulling mesh type harness is a great way to go. Dogs that have such powerful noses are extremely challenging to teach not to pull on a leash because their instincts tell them to put their nose to the ground and follow it wherever it leads them. By putting a nice comfortable harness on them, you'll be able to allow them freedom to obey their instincts without making your walk a struggle!

My personal recommendation is to try leash training your dog first if they are a puppy. You'll have a very easy time showing them that when they pull, you will simply stop walking. You can still use a dog walking harness if you like, but it will be very nice not having your pup pull the whole time. If you happen to get an older dog or you are just now deciding that you don't want them to pull when you walk, then you might want to just skip to the harness. It's better than the getting hurt because they pulled too hard.

If you have a breed of dog that is a scent hound then you'll have to work really hard to get them to walk with a loose leash. If you don't want to put in that kind of time or effort then you should go with a harness. They're safe, easy to put on, easy to put off, and comfortable for your dog. They'll make sure that both you and your dog will enjoy your walks.

I got a harness for my Beagle at Target for $10. I'd recommend going there or PetCo. You can also check PetCareRX (which I'm not affiliated with in any way).


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