Clicker Training Puppy

Clicker Training Puppy Tips

clicker training puppyThese easy to follow clicker training puppy tips will help you get your little pet used to associating the "click" sound with a tasty treat! When you make that connection in their mind, you can get them to do anything!

Your whole goal with a puppy is to get them used to the fact that the clicking sound is a good thing and it usually means a treat is soon to follow.

Don't try to teach anything too complicated when you're just working with a young puppy! You should be focusing on house breaking them and getting them crate trained.

The key to effectively training puppies with a clicker is taking advantage of their willingness to follow you everywhere. You need to use this eager spirit as a way to show them that coming to you is always the best option!

One of the best ways to give your puppy a good idea about what you expect from them is to run away from them and then quickly turn and call them to you. They will already be running in your direction because their natural impulse is to follow you everywhere, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't reward them for being obedient!

When your puppy runs toward you, make sure to use your clicker, give them a treat, and heavily praise them. You will be putting all kinds of good information into the mind of your little pup. You'll be teaching them:
Like I mentioned before, you should not expect miracles with clicker training puppy exercises. You're just trying to help your puppy get comfortable with the idea.

You can try to make use of the clicker when you are potty training your puppy too. When you take them out to do their business, make the clicking sound and be sure to give them a treat. It's not necessary to have a clicker at this point, but you'll be really helping to associate it with doing what is right in their mind!

When your puppy has grown into an older dog, they will be good and ready for some serious obedience training! They'll be prepared to do even the most complicated tricks because of your diligent clicker training puppy exercises.

One thing to remember about using the clicker for training a dog is that it's only as good as you make it. It's not a magical tool that will instantly teach your dog obedience. You have to be very consistent when you use it, and you have to be consistent and patient with your dog. That's why clicker training puppy exercises are so important!

Don't spend too much time deliberating about clickers, either. There are quite a few options, and they all work the same. There are some that offer sound settings, but those are not necessary features.


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